Wednesday, December 16, 2009

On the 3rd Day of Christmas...

My Universe gave to me...

District 9

A movie, put out with very little expectation that delivered on every level you'd want a movie to deliver on. While it does carry the Peter Jackson name (as producer), there are no stars in it and most of us had never heard of the director. For me, it was a happy accident that I saw it at all. We had planned to see Julie & Julia but it was sold out. District 9 was starting, so we went in.

I was so moved by the story itself and then by how well the movie was made.

How it made us care for the 'Prawns' - so alien and ugly looking. How Sharlto Copley played the character of Wikes Van De Merwe like a Stradivarius. Just remembering it now illicits another WOW.

After the movie, I paid attention to what everyone around us was talking about. More often than not these days, people have already forgotten about the movie even before they hit the lobby. But everyone was still discussing the story and what they thought would happen next. We were all invested in the future of Wikes and the Prawns! This experience fed my soul (seriously) and gave me the strength to want to hope for my own future as a filmmaker again.

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