Monday, December 7, 2009

No Wings 4 U!

The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show hit it's tipping point a few years ago and became HUGE. Remember when it was only available to view on the internet and the overload of viewers caused the site and much of the internet to crash? The last few years it's been a "must see" TV event...Fun for the whole family! 2009's show aired last week and will air an encore viewing this Thursday. If you didn't catch it, don't bother. I gathered with friends on Saturday to watch. We had drinks, we had food, we had anticipation. Here's what we didn't have...

ADRIANNA LIMA, who is or was pregnant with her first child. Nobody sexes up the catwalk like Adrianna. Most of the other star supermodels made an appearance but they were interspersed with a bunch of Sunday insert quality models, who I've never seen in the Victoria's Secret catalog before. It was kind of like standing in line to see the "Glee" kids and finding only the extras appearing. Heidi did a "surprise" walk which was fun even though they had her covered up in a bit too much tulle. Still 20 lbs above her fighting weight - after just giving birth 5 weeks ago, she looked great despite the vomit-plosion of tulle.

Also lacking was the wow factor of fantasy angel costumes. Because, this is not really a "fashion" show. It's a SHOW. In the past, their winged flights of fancy was my favorite part. There were maybe 2 or 3 outfits at the most that made me go "oooooh" this year.

Don't even get me started about the lame "New Angel" competition! Don't we get enough of that on reality TV already? The Angels are supposed to be fully formed deities who fall from heaven to model underwear! Not corn fed wanna bes from Kansas or wherever the hell they bus them in from. It was beyond distracting to watch those segments because none of us cared about these aspiring models. If I wanted to care, I'd start watching America's Next Top Model again. I want supermodels who's purview is the catwalk. Who stomp like Valkyries. Who look like they could fly off on those wings! Come on!

The musical performances also fell flat... Fergie in a teal corset gown looked out of her element. Her true style is edgy! Keep it real...and, is it just me or does it seem weird to have a woman singing as the models walk? Last year, with Usher, worked and his interaction with the models was organic and seemed fun. The Peas and the models didn't really connect. They were kind of dancing "at each other" rather than with each other.

And there was no "show stopping" moment like this...

The thrill of watching Seal sing "Amazing" as his wife walked out in this eyepopping snowflake get up, caused collective "oooh-ing" and "ahhhhh-ing" from audience as well as from us at home. It was a perfectly produced show and they haven't topped it since.

I actually might not watch in 2010. Which means an angel won't get her wings.

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