Thursday, July 31, 2008

Random Recent Favorite Headlines

Global Warming May Increase Kidney Stones!

Al Gore says "I told you so!"

Dolly's Visit Leaves Danger Behind

Ms. Parton apologizes to Texas. Blames it on down home chili.

Rare Giant Panda Baby Boom!

Four cubs born. Two more and I can make a coat!

Liquid Found Flowing on Saturn's Moon

Too early to tell, but it looks like Velveeta!

...and in a related story...

Woman Sees Jesus in Cheetos

"I swear ya'll!" claims Britney.

Christ on a cracker! This looks like a Cheeto Penis!

OK, here's Cheeto Jesus. And just because I never saw it before, I've included Britney's last CD cover.

I'm assuming it's "deluxe" because of the Cheeto offer? She looks pretty!

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