Sunday, July 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Julian! Long Live the Julians!

Julian McMahon turns 40 today. I prefer "Nip/Tuck" Julian to "Fantastic 4" Julian. But any Julian is better than no Julian.

Just for fun, here are three other hot, foreign Julians!

Julian Ovenden. As far as I'm concerned the heir to the Hot Julian Throne. Most recently of "Cashmere Mafia" but hasn't been given the role that will showcase his true hotness yet. He sings, he dances, he can actually act. For some reason America keeps casting him in things where he must use an American accent. His true hotness comes through when he speaks normally. Let him speak, for God sake!

Julian Sands first came to my attention as a hot Julian in "Warlock". He has a long history of choosing risky projects but has also been in hot shows like "24". Coincidentally, HE was on the other chick show from last season, "Lipstick Jungle." Must be some sort of a Julian Rule in effect.

Julian Morris, the new Julian on the block. He appears opposite Tom Cruise in the perhaps never to be released "Valkyrie" but you'll be able to experience his young hot Julian-ness soon on the new season of ER.

Update: If you care, Julian McMahon won the Julian poll. Julian Ovenden came in 2nd, Sands 3rd. There were several write ins for Julian Temple and one for Julian Lennon. Nobody know who Julian Morris was.

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