Monday, July 14, 2008

The Slippery Slope of Hope

I want to steal a little something from Katt Williams right now and say to Barack Obama, let the haters do their thing. Get it out of your head, that fantasy where people aren't hating on you. Be grateful. We need haters. What do you think a hater's job is? That's what God put them on earth to do. Hate! In fact, if there are any haters reading this, hate me. I could use a few more.

Why must intellectual or pseudo-intellectual literati always overestimate themselves and ruin it for the rest of us? I mean, for fuck sake New Yorker magazine, what were you thinking?! Obviously, we as Americans can only hold others in admiration for so long and then our arms get tired. We just have to look at the celebrity gossip to see that no one goes unscathed. Like Heidi Klum says "You're either in or you're out!" But most of us have barely enjoyed being "in" before we're the fuck "out" again! How did we so quickly slide down the slippery slope of hope?!

I attended the democratic debate at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood. John Edwards had just dropped out of the race and it was down to Hillary and Obama. I was there as a credentialed journalist (!) to interview women about their relationship with power and consequently - Hillary. But Obama was the true draw. The real revelation of the event was the energy and the vibe of the place that day. In a crowd that size, with diversity of political opinion, race, sexual orientation, degrees of sanity, there was peace. And joy. And hope. It really felt like we were on to something. The crowds were excited and reverent. Much like I'd imagine they were when Jesus was among us, or Martin Luther King, or when Chriss Angel walked across a swimming pool in Vegas!

Wake up people!! We are fucking it up. We are fucking it up and will have no one to blame but ourselves. Well...I'll have you to blame but that's beside the point. Look, if we saved Tinkerbell, we can save Obama. If you believe, clap your hands, don't let Obama die. All of you, who believe we can be better, who believe we deserve THIS president, CLAP NOW. Or, well, you know...go VOTE on November 4. Vote for Obama. Dismiss this bullshit, wherever it comes from, whatever the reason for it. Believe what you believed in your hearts when you first heard him speak. Believe your own instincts. Believe we can be better.

Oh, and P.S. New Yorker, the cover would have been funnier if you had run it AFTER Obama won.

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