Friday, December 17, 2010

On the 4th day of Christmas...

The Universe gave to me...

Some pretty fabulous Genetics.

Flipping through some new photos of a woman who was once my closest friend, this morning. Together we experienced one of the most harrowing experiences a mother ever could and it bonded us for a time...but in time our basic differences set us in opposite directions. That's neither pertinent or responsible in any way for what I'm about to say. We're the exact same age but you'd never know it to stand us side by side.

If you've read my blog even know that I'm often distressed about the ravages of time taking their toll on me and my inability to take expensive action (cosmetic procedures). Have I taken the best care of myself I possibly can? NO. To be perfectly honest I often skate by on the least effort possible. And yet, I still look better than 90 % of other women my age. Whether or not they've had anything done. So I'm thankful for that...but still looking forward to that day I can walk into one of the best surgeon's offices and tweak what I've got.

Thanks Universe for keeping the 'glammer' up til then!

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