Friday, June 20, 2008

...then why did you wink at me?

Good Lord! It's humbling to find that every freaking idea you've come up with has also been had by multitudes of others. In between screenplays but still feeling the urge to write, I thought "why not succumb to blogging" It's taken me three days to come up with a TITLE for the blog. 3 DAYS!!! Because every single one I wanted is already being used by someone else! That includes the name of my one woman show, my website AND my fledgling LLC. Thus I reached all the way back to my high school years to come up with a title that I could still feel clever and happy about.
Throughout high school I was deeply immersed in Theater or "Drama" as the class was called. And consequently, boy was it filled with drama. We were a very insular group who rarely socialized with anyone outside of the classes. Members of "Band" were occasionally tolerated. Like the cousin who smells like milk that you only see at holidays. At some point during those four glorious, dramatic years we developed an elaborate version of the parlor game MURDER. If you're not familiar, here's how the game works: Everyone chooses a card from a playing deck. The one who pulls the JOKER card is the murderer. The object is to avoid being murdered while trying to figure out who the murderer is. If the murderer winks at you, you're dead. In our version, figuring out who the murderer was became secondary to setting up elaborate murder scenes for the others to happen upon in awe. Many parents wondered where the hell all of the ketchup kept disappearing to!

Anyway...Having said all of that to say...during one particularly fevered game, an overeager player staged their murder based on a perceived wink from another player who was neither the murderer nor apparently winking. And the often used bon mot was born. If you think about it, it can be applied to almost any situation of misunderstanding. And it still always makes me smile!


Bianca (as in Jagger) said...

I love it! I remember playing that game in Drama, too. But far less elaborately or creatively. Everyone would go around shaking hands and the person that scratches your palm is the murderer and you had to drop dead on the spot (or stagger around for a few seconds of bravado).

I also remember a kid that smelled like milk at Pomelo who had a bladder defect and was allowed to run from the classroom w/o asking whenever he felt the urge.

Suzanne said...

You know, I love the information about women through the ages. It is so true and we are still giving away our power. If you don' believe me watch the pregnancy testing on JUDGE HATCHETT!!!! These are the kinds of shows that are on television during the day. And speaking of male-power. Why is a cellular phone network protected, guardedd whatever you want to call it by a man, who keeps repeating "can you hear me now?" No fool, if I heard you, you wouldn't have to repeat it. Men don't even talk on the phone that much so how can they protect my network? Why is the Geico lizard (yeap that's what he is a little, cute, lizard) a lighthearted male with an English accent? Except for 95 year olds who can't tell if there foot is pushing the excelerator or brake, men are the more aggressive drivers. Oh the questions could go on.

George Carlin was brilliant. His observations were truly amazing, funny and out-of-the box.