Thursday, June 26, 2008

It was a good day. I didn't need my AK.

OK. You know you've got too much time on your hands when you are dining on a Lean Cuisine Chicken Club Panini and Moet at noon on a Thursday in your pajamas. When you tell yourself it's alright to have champagne because if you don't finish the bottle it'll go flat. So, it's wasteful, right? It's kinda naughty too. All that's missing now is the ecstacy and amyl nitrate poppers.... but that would be over the top for a Thursday at noon.

A peek at my dvr recordings is also a good indicator that I'm currently not working. Magnum P.I. reruns everyday. The vast backlog of Family Guy that I just discovered, "Are We Done Yet?" the frothy sequel to "Are We There Yet?". BTW, Nia Long wears some fierce white Uggs in the movie that I've never seen anywhere. That was the best thing about the movie. I love Ice Cube and all, but dude! Where are those fucking Boyz from the Hood when you need them? They could have been out joy riding in the country and come upon Cube and Nia's isolated country house and pulled a home invasion (dibs on the Uggs) and then Cube could have gone back to his old ways and gotten the AK out of it's hiding place and fucked them all up....oh well. OR, his old buddy Smokey could drop by for a weekend and get Nia's bad ass kids high. Bottom line, it's no "Money Pit".

Speaking of Chris Tucker. I had the best accidental encounter with anybody ever - with him. I was house sitting for a has been film director who obviously invested well. The phone rings on line 4. No one ever called on line 4. "Hello?" "Yeah, lemme speak to Q". I recognize the voice instantly. "Er, you have the wrong number..." For real? I dialed *******. That's the number they gave me." "Sorry, this is *******" "Oh man, for real? I'm sorry. This is Chris Tucker. I was trying to call Quincy Jones." "I know this is Chris Tucker, I recognized your voice" "For real? People out here still know who I am?" "Hell yes!" So we say our good-byes and hang up. A minute later line 4 rings again. "Hello" "Hi, this is Chris Tucker again." He just couldn't get over the fact that, I, some random white lady, knew who he was. We ended up talking for 40 minutes and I pitched him a movie! What a great story this would have made on the press junket. Alas it wasn't to be...but at least it can live on here. It's still a great movie idea but he may be too old for it now. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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Bianca (as in Jagger) said...

Aaaahahahaha! I forgot he called you BACK. Hilarious. Such a good story.