Sunday, November 14, 2010

Digging a Comedy Hole

I recently did my first show outside of LA. With no friendlies in the audience. I also chose to stretch myself as an artist and talk about something gross and painful from my past in a comedic way. I call it the Huckleberry Hound incident. And I got dinged for it. Comedy's First blood was drawn...People complained...Old people...and let me clarify "old people" while we're at it. I've noticed lately that whenever I say "old people" in front of certain people (old people) they get huffy and defensive. When I'm talking about old people, I mean their demeanor not their age. I know "old people" in their 30's and "young people" in their 80s. So fuck off old people!

I had been to the Smodcastle earlier in the week to check out Tom Green's live podcast show. Awesome, btw! His guest was Bobcat Goldthwait. They talked about "digging a hole" with their audiences during shows. Going too far, pushing the limits, maybe pushing their fans away. I'm thinking they subliminally influenced me to dig me a hole that Friday night in Santa Barbara.

By the time my set began, I had already been traumatized by the fact I was disregarded as an artist and human with basic needs before my performance. No water, no dressing room, no microphone...."Just project!" Ahhhhhhh...those artist's riders that always bedevil we in production. There's a reason for them. The final coupe de grace was - no A/C - in a sweltering auditorium and me in Spanx. That's my defense for digging the hole. And now I'm proud of it. I dug a comedy hole for the old people to fall into. Buh - bye!

I kid you not...when I typed in "comedy hole" on
Google images, this is what came up.

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