Monday, November 29, 2010

It's the Bitch of Living...

Hello 9!

It's already almost December. WTF?? I'm ready to come in for a landing and rest for awhile...but not quite yet. I have one more show to get out of the way. So terrible to be looking at it that way but it's been a rocky 2 years. Oh, I haven't slipped and fallen down a deep crevice and had to cut off my own arm with a plastic spork or anything but it's been rough out here for a bitch...the jury's still out on prospects for 2011 because as we've learned things never seem to be what they seem. Meanwhile, just to keep things interesting I've decided to sing live on stage this Friday night and have stretched further creatively than I had planned to this year. Sometimes it's like learning how to walk...I want to RUN already! and I stumble and scrape my knee. But I find it's those things that make me want to run before I learn to walk that make me look forward to the next day and the next...

All I can tell you is, it's a LOT of work to constantly be pimping yourself and I'm not a natural self pimper. I hear if you really want to go "viral" on the internet, you have to buy hits because apparently nobody wants something that nobody 'appears' to want. What a bunch of morons humans are. Animals don't have this problem. Do you think if a lioness is out on the plain and spots a gazelle hanging other lions or competitive carnivores in sight...she thinks to herself "Hmmm. There's a delicious looking gazelle but why isn't anyone else trying to eat it's ass? There must be a reason...." She's not going to keep searching until she finds a gazelle that's being swarmed...No, that lioness will tear that gazelle up!

On the flip'd also never see a gazelle out there jumping up and down bleating "Pick me! Eat me! Over here! Seriously, I'm delicious!"

Maybe I'm watching too much "The Walking Dead."

Coming soon...the 12 Days of Christmas

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