Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Wind Whipped Whackiness

Once you realize that energy is what we all are and that everything in the universe is energy, it's a little easier to be on the lookout for whacky stuff to happen. Wind is my least favorite element. Especially here in Southern California where we have Santa Ana winds. I don't know what else comes from Santa Ana, but their wind sucks. And it brings the crazy with it. Like yesterday.

Driving on Sherman Way...as if dodging falling palm fronds and swirling trash wasn't enough...I briefly got sucked into a vortex of whackiness...at the intersection of Sherman Way and Canoga Ave. an ambulance, sirens blaring rolled haltingly into the intersection. Everyone was stopped and I slowed way down figuring the ambulance would pass and I could continue across. But the driver saw me and hesitated! What a pussy. No New York ambulance would hesitate. So I had to stop.

Next block up is the DMV. The ambulance is now screaming in the far left lane but right there in front of it...turn signal on...crawling along is a Honda SUV...and, sorry PC police...the driver was an Asian chick...who stops right there in front of the ambulance! I'm driving past...not believing the wacky tableau I'm seeing...Ambulance stopped...siren still screaming...driver gesturing wildly at the SUV driver...who is frozen like a statue, staring straight ahead...in front of the DMV.

I had a little giggle about it...right before I had to slam on my brakes to stop from ramming into the traffic jam in front of the Vallarta Market...caused by a noisy, arm waving stand off between a Mexican Fruity Freeze trolley and a Falafel cart in the driveway. "This is my corner!" "No this is MY corner!" Thankfully right after that the vortex spit me back out...but I was reminded to always be present in the moment. Good job Universe!

P.S. The Donald hates wind too.

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