Wednesday, September 8, 2010

3 Simple Things...and Cake...or Death

Good Morning Faithful 9!

In case you haven't noticed, there's a new age dawning. It occurred to me this morning that there are 3 simple things to see us through.

Sea Salt. The biggest proof to me that we evolved from the sea. Dip anything into salt water and it will heal. Cuts, rashes, bug bites, chicken pox, measles. I had a fair amount of dental work done earlier this year and the number one most helpful item to me was...sea salt. Swishing it around with warm water in your mouth eases pain, sensitivity and heals the tissue miraculously fast. I've used regular salt in a pinch but get Sea Salt.

Apple Cider Vinegar. My most amazing experience with it has always been what my family calls "vinegar socks." If you are running a fever related to flu or cold, dip cotton socks into a mixture of equal parts water and vinegar, squeeze out the excess and put them on with a dry pair over them and get under the covers. It feels gross and smells like salad but it will draw the fever right out of you. ACP also stops itching from rashes, bug bits, etc. Women have douched with it for centuries...although I'm not cosigning that one. But it's also used internally for a host of well being. Google and and see. It's touted for everything from weight loss to acne! I use it now to cut cravings. Mix a little into water or juice...many drink it straight. I tried that but it burned my throat. It will cut your craving or hunger pangs immediately. Get the unprocessed kind.

Virgin Coconut Oil. My daughter turned me on to this. You'll also find loads of info on Google about this. Scientifically proven info! It's used for everything from cooking to deep hair conditioner. Pacific Islanders use it as an all purpose health and beauty aid and they have been found to age less and have excellent dental health! Scientifically, the properties are proven to kill bad bacteria in the body. When I first started using it (cooking with it) I would mix a tablespoon into my oatmeal. A few hours later I noticed I was having palpitations. It was revving up my metabolism. But not in that weird, buzzy amphetamine way. If you're skin feels dry and dehydrated, massage coconut oil in and then take your shower. You'll feel like 'Bikinis on the Beach' as my friend Matthew would say.

If you have these 3 things in your home, you'll be ok...Oh and one more thing. LAUGH. A lot. Every day. Here's a little "Cake or Death" to get you started.

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