Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Get offa my TV!

NEWSFLASH! Not everyone belongs on TV.

But try telling the Insta Celeb Nation once known as America. Who here still believes that going to school, learning, experiencing, working your way up is the way to make something of yourself these days? Why go to school? Or why learn a trade when you can clearly get your own show just by being a stereotype douche bag? Seriously, it's worse than when kids from poor, urban neighborhoods thought the only way out was to sell drugs. At least they were still supplying us with a much desired commodity. And, ugly as that business is...it's still a business and they are still learning, experiencing, working their way up. What the fuck is Snooki doing for us? Or any of those fame whoring housewives?
Jesus, even Kelsey Grammer's wife wasn't satisfied with being the wife of a mega wealthy television icon...she too wants her 15 minutes.

People, we're in trouble. First we all became convinced that everyone must go to college. Not everyone belongs in college. Especially if you're not going to come out of there with a sustainable skill. Not everyone gets to be a chief. We need Indians too...lots of Indians. But they don't want to be Indians. College (and clearly their parents) imbues them with a sense of entitlement the size of Rhode Island. The 'Chief Syndrome'. If you're kid is good with cars and enjoys it, why not encourage him...or her in that direction? Most race car drivers are mechanics and build their own racing engines. They are knowledgeable professionals who have parlayed, first their innate natural ability, then their learned trade into a job that most men would envy. They get to drive hot cars, very fast and be paid for it. Not to mention the chicks! There are so many roads to success but we, as a nation have come to believe that if our road doesn't end on Bravo or MTV, then it's not a successful journey.

And guess what? When you bitch about how those illegals took your jobs...which jobs would that be? The ones you thought were beneath you? The ones you fantasized delegating to the servants you fantasized having? Meanwhile immigrants are now the solid work force that keeps this country running. You want to sit on your fat fake tanned ass and complain how these hard working people have stolen anything from you? You gave it to them sucka! All they did was observe and act on the golden rule of business "Find a Need and Fill it" And we left the field wide open for them. While we're all running around trying to get on camera, they're doing the jobs we've deemed beneath us.

I'm not saying it's bad to dream big but America's collective big dream has become to be famous. An entire generation now believe that the route to success is by behaving badly enough, to get noticed by some reality show producer and getting a tv show. Finally, I leave you with this. I don't want to see you on TV unless you've been trained to be there. And by trained I don't mean that you've had a Brazilian wax and know how to do a keg stand.

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