Monday, May 24, 2010

Jesus died so we could date online

Ugh...more baby steps. Dating. It's times like these when you realize what all that diet and exercise was supposed to be for. So that when you're filling out your profile on that internet dating site you don't have to agonize over whether to put "average" or "A few extra pounds."

Due to urging from friends and my own daughter (who, I suspect is beginning to panic at the thought of me tottering into old age with no one to fetch my martinis but her), I decided to sign up on Plenty of this past weekend. The name itself is a bit off putting what with all of it's connotations...but a few women I know are raving about it, so I went for it.

Right off the bat, I hooked a rather small Frenchman and a dozen bald guys...almost all of them with motorcycles. I'm thinking I may have accidentally checked the "bald" box OR bald guys dig the redheads with "a few extra pounds." Not that there's anything wrong with a nice bald/shaved head. Not at all. But some hair couldn't hurt! My daughter says I should edit my body type to read "average because "based on the rest of the fat ass country, you are." I can't figure out how to go back in and see which hair box I checked. Their help section is sorely lacking in help. I was advised to delete my profile and start all over. If I have to do that, it's not gonna happen.

Or I could just cut to the chase and hang out at the local biker bar...seems I'm quite in demand with the bald biker types. Too bad the little French guy is trying to live his life like JESUS (yes, he capitalized it)...I advised him that this will most likely end in crucifixion.

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JennieWilkes said...

Dear lord that is the best post i've ever seen. What is with you and biker guys...everywhere you go! WTF hahahah

oh also, you should probably join JDate... i can get you hooked up! My best friend does all the social events hehehe