Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Shamelessly Impressed...

The interview in Vogue makes the comparison between Beyonce and Britney. They are only 3 months apart. There are many similarities in their lives: Both started performing at 8 (?) Both have or have had parents as managers. Both come from the dirty dirty South. Both have younger sisters who have kids - (but who's careers pale in comparison to their older siblings).

But as to how they compare now????? These words are a waste of time. It's obvious to even the most Helen Keller of us that Beyonce is Quality with a capitol Q. As a singer, as a performer and certainly as a human.

She has had to contend with all of the same foibles of being a child star. And she has done it with grace. I bow. I bow.

Oh and P.S. Etta James. I'd probably feel the same way girl but come on, shut the hell up!

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DaVida Chanel said...

LOL!!! So true so true ... Beyonce and BritBrit don't even seem like the same genre (even though they are) - I guess it b/c Beyonce can really sing?