Sunday, March 8, 2009

Buckwheat can save the World!

☚Not this one...
Although, his adorable little face could go a long way toward saving us.

But the buckwheat I speak of is this...☛
Sobakawa buckwheat pillows. If everyone slept on one of these, there'd be no more crankiness. They're a gift from the gods.

The difference between a night of sleep like this...

or a night of sleep like this...

Sleeping on regular pillows makes your face look
☜ like this ....

or like this....☞

and will leave you feeling and looking like this when you awake ☟

✻ shudder ✼

But when I wake up after a night of sleeping on my Sobakawa buckwheat pillow I feel like...

Michelle Kwan!

We CAN change the world, one pillow at a time. Do your part now! Your face and those of us who have to look at it will thank you ❤

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