Sunday, March 1, 2009

Can I see those in a Size 10?

I have come up with an economic stimulus idea for California and Octopussy. She of the fourteen rugrats and no visible means of income except for that porn offer from Vivid. There's a way she can retain what dignity she has or ever had, become an income generating, tax paying citizen, care for her herd and still supply the masses with their dose of Octopussy gawking. Ready?

Here it is.

You know that abondoned water park on the way to Las Vegas - off Hwy 15 near Bartstow? It's called Rock-A-Hoola and it's long been a point of fascination and imagination for many of us who pass it regularly on the way to and from sin city. OK, picture this:

We build a large shoe shaped house on the Rock -A-Hoola property. Big enough for Octopussy and her litter. She and they can act as both attraction and caretakers of the park. Imagine all the fun that can be had? All the revenue it can generate for California and for the poor happless progeny of Octopussy.The marketing opportunities boggle the mind!

Octopus shaped baby dolls.

Novelty t-shirts

Embryo crackers

those fun Wax Lips!

and shoes!

An outlet mall that sells nothing but shoes! While your kids play with the Octo-litter in the water park and explore the genuine Shoe House, you can peruse the endless brands of designer shoes for sale. Sergios and Manolos and Louboutins, oh my!

Hmmm. Now how to revamp that old water slide.....Wait for it....We reimagine it as a giant scale birth canal! That's right! What could be more fun than shooting out from between two larger than life Octopussy thighs and down the water slide like one of her money

I think it's a no brainer. And to prove I'm right, check out the little newspaper article below, from 1936...

Imagine how much more fun I'd have with photo shop. Sigh.

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