Thursday, January 22, 2009


OMG! The Screen Actors Guild's continued fiddling while Rome burns is beyond frustrating. To strike or not to strike isn't even the issue anymore. JUST MAKE A DECISION!

Day after day I hear from more good people, who have given their blood sweat and tears to production - telling me they are going broke, losing homes, unable to care for their families. No one is caring for those families. No one is establishing a fund for the thousands of crew members who are slowly withering away while the pomposity that is SAG's leadership continues to sit on the throne and pontificate.

So, I've taken things into my own hands and started the below petition which will be sent to Governor Schwarzenegger in an effort to compel him to step in and mediate the current SAG stalemate. And for all those of us who find it easier to blog or post our frustrations than actually showing up for a picket line or demonstration, contacting the Governor can be done from the coziness of your easy chair. Simple, effective, can make a big statement if we get it together.

Please take 30 seconds to sign the petition. Additionally, I recommend emailing and/or calling the Governor's office regarding this dire situation in California. on.html - to contact Governor Schwarzenegger

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