Wednesday, February 4, 2009

You R On Your Own

I have returned from my momentary lapse of reason. I was gripped by a need to try and control something that I have no control over. While SAG continues to cannibalize itself and hold the rest of us hostage - I no longer give a shit. I am now going to be ALL ABOUT ME. So suck it Rosenberg and the other remaining power mad freaks who are determined never to work in this town again. I LOVE actors. Truly love them and have always been their advocate but this is utter stupidity. I don't make any declarations here of what I hope happens to them. I don't have a horse in that race - even though the old me would. All I want to do is make movies and I don't care how that happens. I'll make them in Poland, I'll make them in Nigeria, I'll make them in Russia. Anywhere I have the opportunity to be involved in making a movie...I'll go. I don't care if there's anyone recognizable in them, or if they get U.S. distribution. FUCK THAT. That is all. Good Day....I SAID Good Day!!

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