Thursday, August 14, 2008

Is it just me or did they add whining to the Olympics?

I'm going to admit that I have really had no interest in the summer Olympics this year. Except to randomly and idly ask things like "why are those volleyball chicks wearing bikinis?" and "when did the U.S. male swim team start looking like Aqua Man?"

But the most burning question is when did they add Whining as a sport? There was the Swedish wrestler who didn't like winning the Bronze medal and had a big hissy fit - leaving the podium in mid ceremony and throwing his medal on the ground. The Ethiopian runner who mad a big announcement that he was withdrawing from the games because of China's bad air quality only to now complain about opting out of marathon. Then the Canadians! After four one-run losses, their baseball team went ape shit on Japan's team by tossing their bats and helmets, arguing with the umpire and shocking spectators with bursts of profanity. U.S. tennis player James Blake made a "statement" about his Chilean oponent not copping to a call and claiming it cost him the gold. A little over a week ago a match between the U.S. men's volleyball team and Italy broke down after Italy won. Players on both sides traded profanities, which were picked up by NBC's microphones and broadcast nationwide. Of course I missed that! And finally, those wacky Spaniards won't stop making the Ching Chong face (no complaints please) in their team pictures! They got busted for it once but new posts have surfaced.

It's a tough call but I think I have to award the Gold for Whining to the Swedish wrestler for going the extra mile and stomping off of the podium and throwing his Bronze medal on the ground like dirty Mardi Gras beads. Here's to you, Sour Grapes Swedish Wrestler Guy. You don't even look Swedish and I think your country should look into that.

HAHAHA! Check out the look on the gold medal winner's face behind Sour Grapes Swedish Wrestler Guy. Priceless.

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