Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Change Motherf*****, Change!

"Telling you right now, there ain't shit flying outa my butt"

According to Gregg Braden's THE DIVINE MATRIX, experiments proved that it takes only the square root of 1% of any population to effect change in that entire population... in a group of 1 Million that would be 100 people! Imagine. 100 people can effect change in 1 Million people.

The biggest change, we as Americans will have the opportunity to effect is who will become the next president. This literally will cause a massive ripple effect in the rest of the world. So, whoever you choose - think on your choice with an eye toward that global future. Not by what the candidates look like (although one of them is really old) or by what the media mongers are putting out there for us to digest. Close your eyes and tune out the hoopla and listen to what your instinct, your gut is telling you. Feel how your spirit perceives their spirit. Vote for change. And understand what that change encompasses. And again, without mentioning any names, ONE of these candidates is awake and conscious and the other doesn't know how many fucking houses he owns. ONE of them knows what is in our hearts and which direction we as a collective of beings need to head in order to thrive and evolve on this planet.

ONE vote becomes millions and the momentum of that energy will propel us to life beyond our wildest dreams. That's the biggest ripple I can imagine! Now I'm not saying it'll It'll be as if by magic. Unicorns won't be lining up at 7-11 for free Slurpees and money won't be flying out of monkey's butts - there is work to be done behind the change. What's taken years to become broken will take time to fix, but time is accelerating and we are ready.

Don't know where that just came from but go with it!

Disclaimer: This message is NOT approved by anybody.

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