Friday, April 16, 2010

My What a big Purse you have!

I was idly thumbing through December's Elle Magazine when a little tidbit about accessories jumped out at me because it contained the words Freud, Purse and Vagina in the same sentence. Apparently Freud believed that a purse symbolized the vagina...hmmm. I immediately recoiled at the thought of my current purse...a big Felix the Cat's magic bag of tricks...actually an antiqued bronze Trina Turk that I've had for several years...symbolizing my HooHa. Not the image I want to project! The pink (!) lining is a little soiled, it smells like pot and gum and is holding too much stuff. You're thinking of my HooHa right now aren't you! and you wouldn't want to get anywhere near a HooHo with that description right? I think if we women were to consciously make that Freudian connection, we'd all have tight little pristine purses.

Now, read the following statements and, in your mind, substitute the word pussy for purse:

Watch my purse. Hold my purse. Put it in my purse. I love your purse.
He stole my purse! That purse is a fake. She's got your balls in her purse...

And finally, a gallery of Celebrities who have very big purses.

Happy Friday!


DaVida Chanel said...

ROTFLMAO!!!!! This makes me feel so much better about my infatuation w/clutches!!! LOL and yet another reason I don't buy knockoffs ... who wants a FAKE VaJJ! LMAO!

Marion said...

LOL DaVida! A knockoff VaJJ! Nice!