Sunday, December 21, 2008

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na...I'm gonna start a fight!

Ugh... Now I've had all the fight beaten out of me by my blogger dashboard.

I came on all fired up to write a post about annoying people who get invited to screen a soon to be nominated film BEFORE it opens and then critique it before the lights even come back up.

So I sign on - which takes five minutes because somehow I'm mysteriously signed out and can't remember which password I used for this account. Then I start furiously typing the new post, only to look up and see that it's all written in Hindi...

I have had one too many nogs and bowls to try and figure out any kind of technical shenanigans but that doesn't stop me. But of course by the time I DO figure it out much of my ire has cooled. But not completely...

First of all, bitches, I wouldn't have invited you! Someone else did. But instead of getting that it's a Festivus miracle to be in my company AND get to watch a movie that most people won't get to see until December 25th, you have to force your "professional opinion" on us.

Just because you:

a. directed a Lifetime movie in Saskatchewan in 1989.

b. cut trailers for Disney.


c. do audio post for "Dora the Explorer ".

does not mean that anyone cares what you thought of the movie/tv series/infomercial or ice show etc. There's a reason they keep you locked in a windowless labyrinth. You are boring.

But I fucking digress. And now I've completely lost interest and am about to eat some Snickerdoodle dough.

FYI, below is what comes up when you google Snickerdoodle:

Snickerdoodle Cake!

Chrisitan Snickerdoodle Soy Candles!

Snickerdoodle French Toast!

Ugly-Cute Snickerdoodle Puppy!

Snickerdoodle Cupcake!

Snickdoodle Pussy!

Ho fucking Ho Ho!

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